Mandala Heart

This is about Mandala Heart

Mandala Heart’s first objective is to create a safe space where you can experience the full healing benefits of making your own mandala. Participants are encouraged to work intuitively as Mandala Heart believes that it is by working in this manner, following our heart instead of thinking with our head that our subconscious direct us to the images, colours and shapes that our most beneficial for us at this time in our life.

After undertaking Mandala teacher training with the renowned Mandala artist and teacher, Karen Scott. Karen encouraged Ahnna to teach others and so Mandala heart was born. The first workshop was held in early 2016 and again Ahnna was blessed to have 5 amazing students for this first 8 week course that she ran. Later Mandala Heart started holding Sunday afternoon workshops at Abbotsford Convent which continue to be available for those who want to spend an afternoon making a mandala. More recently Mandala Heart has been invited provide workshops about the mandala, its origins, significance and healing properties as well as a taste of creating ones own.