This is about Ahnna

Ahnna’s mandala workshops come from the heart and she believes that mandalas¬† heal the heart. She has always found joy in the visual arts and has spent most of her life increasing her knowledge and skill in this area, along with a passion for working with people addressing behaviour change from problematic substance use.

“I was very fortunate to accidentally attend an experimental school in my final two years of high school. I had moved there in order to pursue studies in visual arts and in doing so had art teachers who were themselves practicing artists. From there studies in visual arts at Phillip institute led to teachers such as Peter Booth and Mirka Mora. Such creative souls nurtured my creativity and affirmed the benefits of thinking outside the box’.”

Ahnna later studied a Bachelor in secondary education with research in community arts and it was whilst teaching banner making in community settings that she became interested in working with people addressing problematic substance use. Ahnna has worked in many roles in this field over the past 2 decades, all the while maintaining involvement in the visual arts.

Currently Ahnna runs art groups at a alcohol and other drugs treatment service, introducing residents to how art and especially mandalas can still the mind, giving a break from the sometimes troublesome thoughts that we can experience. Ahnna gains a great deal of joy from introducing the healing aspects of art to those who have never considered that they were ‘arty’, showing that everyone holds creativity within them.